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February 22-24, 2019

Edison NJ

2019 Main Stage Presenters

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Discovering Home

Fri, Feb 22nd - 4:30pm & 6:30pm
Sat, Feb 23rd - 11:30am & 1:30pm 


Join Laurie Smith at the New Jersey Home Show for an inside look at two of her favorite personal renovations, with her best tips for making design work for you. ​


Millions of viewers fell in love with designer Laurie Smith, as one of the first designers on the wildly popular TLC show Trading Spaces in 1999.


For eight seasons, and multiple Emmy nominations, fans were able to see Laurie’s modern classic design each week as she remade a space in just 48 hours.

the General Manager at RICHMOND TILE AND BATH

You don’t want to miss the Remodelling tips and some life-changing Do’s and Don'ts that you will live by. If you are doing a Bathroom renovation or a kitchen remodel, then make sure you save your spot for this presentation.


Anthony Cotugno from Richmond Tile & Bath will be speaking about how to efficiently and smartly redesign your home. With immense knowledge and expertise in the field, you will hear researched tips about how to stay with the trend, stay under budget and never having to compromise on making your home exactly how you want it to be.

Project Planning:
The Latest Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Trends


Sat, Feb 22nd - 3:30pm
Sun, Feb 23rd - Noon



Move or Improve... What's Best For Your Family?

Fri, Feb 22nd - 5:30pm
Sat, Feb 23rd - 2:30pm

Combining Neil Parsons's 30 years of construction experience and Jacqueline Venezio's in-depth knowledge of Jersey real estate, this dynamic duo will offer expert advice on one of the hardest decisions families will make... should you Move or Improve?

MOVE: How to get your home ready for sale, staging tips, costs of buying/move that people don't expect or plan for


IMPROVE: Importance of professional design and planning, selecting the right contractor, what to expect during construction


MOVE or IMPROVE: How to analyze the cost benefit of the two options, questions you wouldn't think to ask, return on investment

ALFRED BENTLEY Founder & CEO & GEOFF MARTIN Co-Founder & COO/CFO of vipHomeLink

Take the Home Fitness Challenge

Sat, Feb 23rd - 4:30pm

Sun, Feb 24th - 2:30pm 

Join the co-founders of vipHomeLink for a home fitness challenge to help you determine if your home is in good shape!


Discover home improvement tips every homeowner needs to know when renovating and managing their home. Get a sneak peek of one of the newest digital home management tools for tracking a renovation project every step of the way!

Alfred Bentley is an experienced homeowner, who is passionate about making the world a better place. Alfred is on a mission to make homeowners safer, smarter and more organized, one home at a time! A former IBM technologist and innovator, Alfred created the technology behind vipHomeLink to simplify his own life. Now, he is sharing this time-saving, valuable tool with homeowners everywhere.


Geoff Martin brings over 20 years of corporate finance experience to vipHomeLink, and a track record of helping to build profitable companies, leading high-performing teams and developing successful business strategies. Geoff is passionate about creating a hi-tech tool that can not only simplify homeownership, but also protect a homeowner’s largest investment and increase its value. 

How to Choose the Best Contractor

Sat, Feb 23rd - 12:30pm
Sun, Feb 24th - 1:30pm 


Many homeowners are choosing to remodel over selling and moving. A 2018 study by HomeAdvisor found that 80% of homeowners planned to stay in their existing homes, and half of all respondents were considering a remodel. Homeowners spent an average of $6,649 on home improvements per household in 2018 with high-end projects costing $40,000 or more. But with such a large investment at stake, how can homeowners choose a reliable contractor without the fear of being overcharged or worse yet, getting stuck with an incomplete project?


In this workshop, Mike Rutkowski, Account Manager with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program will cover how to choose a contractor. In addition to discussing the vetting process for state-approved HVAC and Home Performance contractors, Mike will share suggestions, tips and a handy checklist to identify the best contractors for your next home improvement project.

Sponsored by LifeStorage and Decorated by Legends Design LLC

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From landscaping to kitchen design, home improvements begin at the Home Show.